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Genealogy Latin Dictionary


Below is a list of genealogy latin terms.

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Latin Phrase
English Meaning
decem 10, tenth
decessit mascula
died without male issue (no male children)
decessit sine legitima
died without legitimate issue (no legitimate children)
decessit sine prole
died without issue (no children)
decessit sine superslita
died without surviving issue (no living children)
de die in diem
from day to day
de facto
in fact, in reality
de fide
to be held as an article of faith
defunctus dead
de jure or de iure
by right according to law
de novo
start again from the beginning
Dei gratia
by the grace of God
Deo adiuvante
with God’s help
Deo favente
with God’s favour
Deo gratias
thanks be to God
Deo volente
God willing
Deus vobiscum
God be with you
Deus vult
God wills it (slogan of the Crusades)
a formal statement
die sequenti
on the following day
die vero
this very day
dies natalis
birth day
dictum meum pactum
my word is my bond
divide et impera
divide and conquer
(domus) dulcis domus
home sweet home
duo, duea
2, second