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The Best Free People Search Engines

In this article, we look at the best free search engines that are specifically geared towards finding people. These search engines work best for people who have been alive in the last ten years.

Are you looking for an old friend, classmate or relative on the internet? Well, you are not alone. It has become a popular activity. Most people naturally gravitate towards one of the larger, more familiar search engines when looking for living relatives or friends. Yet, this is often not the best choice.

The problem with using large and broad search engines is that they provide a universal search function. That is, these search engines fundamentally do not know whether you are looking for a person, a restaurant or a recommendation on what movie to watch. Thus, it is worth considering specialty search engines that are customized to finding people.

What We Tested

We examined and tested a variety of different search engines for this article. Our list focuses on the best free search engines. We also looked at many fee-based search engines that specialize in finding people. Most of these fee-based websites do provide some free information. Often the free information is incomplete, or out of date, or requires you to register to see the information. These kinds of techniques are really designed to get you to use their pay service or to sign up for some kind of social network. Consequently, such websites are not included on our list unless they had a substantial free component with demonstrated value in finding people.

What You Should Test

One of the most difficult challenges when looking for someone online is to sort out factual information from unrelated information and false information. This problem becomes even more evident when looking for someone with a common surname.

One way to overcome this issue is to practice people search by looking for people you already know. For example, when performing your own evaluation of different people search engines, you should consider using yourself as a test case. The advantage of using your own name is that you know what information is correct and what information has no value.

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