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Top 25 Most Popular Genealogy Websites

Rank Website Category Traffic Rank
1 Ancestry.com ancestral records 758
2 MyHeritage family trees 3,251
3 FamilySearch ancestral records 4,994
4 Geni.com family trees 5,377
5 Find A Grave cemetery/obituary records 5,470
6 Archives.com search engine 6,674
7 Genealogy.com genealogy forum 9,224
8 Ancestry.co.uk ancestral records 9,545
9 GeneaNet family tree/ forum 10,905
10 MyFamily genealogy forum 14,533
11 Ancestry.com.au ancestral records 23,755
12 Newspaper Archive historic newspapers 24,156
13 Arkivverket Digitalarkivet ancestral records 24,263
14 FindMyPast UK ancestral records 27,331
15 Genealogy Bank historic newspapers 27,894
16 Ancestry.ca ancestral records 29,993
17 Fold3 ancestral records 30,234
18 GenealogyInTime Magazine magazine/search engine 32,318
19 23andMe genealogy DNA testing 32,718
20 Genes Reunited ancestral records 34,781
21 Eastman's Online Genealogy Newsletter genealogy newsletter 39,375
22 Family Tree DNA genealogy DNA testing 41,213
23 USGenweb Archives ancestral records 45,876
24 Tribal Pages genealogy forum 52,388
25 World Vital Records ancestral records 53,134

A couple of things to note:

• The top 10 genealogy websites have not changed at all from the top ten names from the Top 100 Genealogy Websites List published in January. The only difference is that Geni.com has slightly edged out Find A Grave for the #4 spot.

• Three names have modestly slipped slightly out of the top 25 list: FamilyLink (ancestral records, now #28), EllisIsland.org (ancestral records, now #29) and Sysoon (cemetery records, now #30).

• Three names have moved into the top 25 list: Arkiwerket Digitalarkivet (Norwegian ancestral records, now #13), Tribal Pages (a family tree website, now #24) and World Vital Records (ancestral records, now #25).

• There has been some modest rearranging of the other names in the top 25 list. For example, we would be remiss if we didn’t mention that GenealogyInTime Magazine has moved to #18 from #20.

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Genealogy continues to grow in popularity.


How Fast is Genealogy Growing?

The big question is how fast is genealogy growing? The answer it turns out is very fast. Here are some of the specifics:

• A total of 81 out of the top 100 genealogy websites experienced positive growth, 5 websites were neutral and the balance had negative growth.

• After adjusting for the size of the various genealogy websites, we found the average growth rate for the websites in the Top 100 Genealogy Website List for the first three months of 2012 was 21%. That is, in 3 months time, the field of genealogy grew by an amazing 21%. And remember this is before the release of the US 1940 census in April 2012, which will likely make future growth even faster.

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