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The internet has given rise to new forms of communication and new information storage capabilities that have benefitted genealogy. For example, genealogy forums, chat groups and family tree websites are all very popular in addition to broader social networks like Facebook. These kinds of interactive websites simply could not exist without the internet and they all help genealogy. And finally, the internet enables genealogy bloggers and online genealogy magazines to help keep everyone informed and up to date.

There does not appear to be any slowdown in the rate at which new genealogy records appear on the internet (witness the recent release of the US 1940 census). If anything, the rate at which new genealogy records appear on the internet seems to be accelerating (as measured by GenealogyInTime Magazine’s list of new genealogy records, which we have been updating since 2008). This would suggest the field of genealogy is likely to continue to grow over the next several years. In some ways, we are probably living in a bit of a golden age for genealogy.


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