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Top Ten Most Popular Online Genealogy Magazines

This list shows the top ten most popular online genealogy magazines in the world. This list was prepared by Alexa, the internet traffic people.

Below is the ranked list in order of popularity:

1. GenealogyInTime Magazine – this is us. We are one of the world's largest free genealogy websites. We are also unique in the genealogy world in that we provide high quality free content such as powerful search engines, listings of the latest genealogy records, in-depth articles and tools and resources to trace your ancestors for free. [GenealogyInTime Magazine]

2. Eastman’s Online Newsletter – Dick Eastman’s blog is a leading source for genealogy material. The website contains both free content and subscription material. [Eastmans Newsletter]

3. Family Tree Magazine – This is the online version of the print magazine of the same name. This site has some free content with the emphasis is on getting people to subscribe to the print edition of the magazine. [Family Tree Magazine]

4. Lineages.co.uk - This is a website that provides links to other websites on new and useful genealogy content. [Lineages.co.uk]

5. Genealogy Magazine – This site is more a genealogy store than a magazine. It sells books, databases and articles for tracing your ancestors. [Genealogy Magazine]

6. Family Chronicle – This is an online version of the popular print magazine of the same name. There is some free content, with an emphasis on getting people to subscribe to the print edition of the magazine. [Family Chronicle Magazine]

7. Indiana Genealogy Society - This is the website/newsletter of one of the largest genealogy societies in the US. [Indiana Genealogy Society]

8. Journal of Genetic Genealogy - This is a free open-access journal devoted to genetic genealogy. Although the last published issue is Fall 2011, there are plans to restart the journal in the Fall of 2014. [Journal of Genetic Genealogy]

9. Genealogy Roots Blog - This is a blog that lists new online genealogy resources for US researchers. [Genealogy Roots Blog]

10. Rootsweb - This is actually one of the oldest online genealogy forums, now part of Ancestry. [Rootsweb]

This list is up to date as of August 2014. You can access the extended Alexa list of the most popular online genealogy magazines by clicking here.

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