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Your Family Tree Can Determine a Baby’s Gender

Many studies have been conducted over the years to determine what factors influence the gender of a baby. The father effectively decides the gender by passing either an X chromosome (making a girl) or a Y chromosome (making a boy), but what influences the father to pass either an X or Y chromosome?

A new study suggests the father’s family tree can have a significant influence on the gender of a baby. As reported by the BBC, researchers at Newcastle University in the UK studied 927 family trees going back as far as 1600 and containing over half a million people.

family tree relationship chart

This family tree relationship chart can help you determine the gender relationships across your family. See the article The Key to Understanding Family Relationships.

They found a statistical link between the gender of a man’s siblings and whether the man was more likely to father girls or boys. A man who had more male siblings tended to father more boys, while a man with more female siblings tended to father more girls. Yet one more reason to encourage people to study their family tree.

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