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October 2008

Below are genealogy news stories from October 2008. Click on the links for the full articles.

A Long Lost Family Reunion - Family reunions are an excellent means of renewing ties with family members that have not been seen for a long time, sometimes for a very long time...[more]

Are People with the Same Family Name Related?- Family names, also known as surnames, provide an obvious clue to a person’s origin...[more]

Did the Vikings Settle Scotland and Ireland? - English history is ripe with tales of Viking marauders raiding and plundering the English countryside...[more]

Does a Company Define Your Neighbourhood? - Neighbourhoods are very important to family historians...[more]

If George Washington was King - Here is an interesting question: if the United States had not become a republic and George Washington had become king then who would be the king today? [more]

The Human Family Tree Has Many Branches - One of the most useful outcomes of modern genetic testing is that it allows scientists to discover the many branches of the human family tree...[more]

The Longest Family Tree - Here is a good trivia question for genealogists: According to the Guinness Book of Records, who has the longest continuous family tree? [more]

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