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Genealogy This Week - 1 August 2009


Our weekly compilation of interesting new tools, resources and stories for genealogists:

Microsoft and Yahoo are Getting Married - Microsoft and Yahoo signed an agreement this week to combine their search engine technologies. Yahoo will license Microsoft's new search engine Bing and use it on their site. Microsoft will gain access to Yahoo's search engine resources. The objective of the union is to go against Google, which dominates internet search.

Make Your Own Tombstone - This site has been around for four years, but it keeps getting mentioned by other genealogy sites so we thought we should mention it as well. This site allows you to make your own virtual tombstone. It is easy and kind of fun so go ahead and give it a try. [Link]


Amazing 1920s Iconic Photographs - The Telegraph newspaper has an amazing set of 16 photographs taken by British photographer Mole of soldiers after the end of World War I. The soldiers formed American icons by standing in a field. See how 18,000 men formed the Statue of Liberty. Unique and definitely worth looking at. [Link]

African American Cemeteries - This site has a useful list of all African American Cemeteries in the US that have online records. The information is organized by state. [Link]

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