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Learned This Week - 11 July 2009


Our weekly compilation of interesting new tools, resources and stories for genealogists:

Library Thing - A new social network website has just been launched that is devoted to people who want to put their library online and share it with others. [Link]

World's Oldest Bible Reunited Online - The world's earliest surviving Christian bible is known as the Codex Sinaiticus. It was written around 400AD in Greek by four scribes on vellum (animal hide). The book was thought to be some 1,400 pages long but only about 800 pages and fragments remain. The other half is thought to be lost. However, the remaining parts contain the earliest known surviving copy of the Gospels written by the four Apostles Mathew, Mark, Luke and John. A long time ago the book was broken apart and sections of the book found its way into monasteries and museums around the world. Now a dedicated group of scholars led by the British Museum has scanned all the known sections and reunited the remaining parts online in digital format. This early bible provides a fascinating window into the development of early Christianity. [Link]

Software Cannot Sort Out Human Relationships - Here is a story that is self evident to any genealogist. Software developers are having difficulty devising software that can sort out human relationships. [Link]

US National Archives Losses Stuff (Again) - The US National Archives, which has a long history of losing or accidentally destroying things has now lost a bunch more stuff. This time it includes everything from Civil War telegrams from Abraham Lincoln to NASA photographs. Click on the link for a complete list. [Link] You can learn more about the issue by reading the Associated Press story including what is being done about it. [Link]

Long Forgotten Old Hobbies - Forbes magazine has a fascinating article about eight hobbies that are long gone. Read about how people would collect woven human hair and make it into broaches and picture frames to commemorate dead ones lost during the US Civil War. [Link]

Wimbledon Fans Park in Graveyard - The title of this story pretty much says it all. Click on the link for the story and photos. [Link]

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