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Learned This Week - 23 May 2009


Our weekly compilation of interesting new tools, resources and stories for genealogists:

How Do You Say That Name? - Pronouncing last names can be a challenge at times for any genealogist. Now a new website called How To Say That Name contains a free audio pronounciation database of more than 11,000 last names ranging from "Aabha" to "Zwai". You type in the name and it will say it for you. [Link]

How Do You Write That Name? - Here is a totally lighthearted free video from Hugh Laurie and Stephen Fry on how to write down a totally incomprehensible last name. This is a classic sketch for any genealogist. Remember that you heard about it here first. [Link]

Timeglider - Here is a website that allows you to graphically create a timeline for your ancestors. This can be a good visualization tool for genealogists. [Link]

Scrapbooking Through the Ages - The Smithsonian online magazine has a good free article on scrapbooking. [Link]

Switched at Birth - The Guardian newspaper has an interesting story about two women that were accidently switched at birth at the hospital and how they discovered their true identity through genetic genealogy testing. [Link]

Scotland Opens First Family History Centre - The Scottish government has opened the first family history centre that is built to help people find their Scottish ancestors. [Link]

Bonnie and Clyde from a Genealogy Perspective - Bonnie and Clyde were notorious robbers and killers that captivated America during the Depression. This article from the Dallas Morning News newspaper describes the profound impact Bonnie and Clyde's actions had on their family and their descendants. [Link]

Nebraska to Release Hospital Burial Records - The names of about 1,000 people buried at a cemetery associated with the former psychiatric hospital called Hastings Regional Center will finally be released to the public. The people were buried between 1889 to 1957. [Link]

Sending A Children Through the Mail - The US National Postal Museum has an interesting story about how someone once mailed their child to save freight. [Link]

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