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Below are some interesting things about genealogy that we learned this week.

Learned This Week - 9 May 2009

Rome, Georgia Cemeteries - The city of Rome, Georgia has put online the burial records for all the city's public cemeteries. Included are the burial records, cemetery lot numbers and plot location numbers. The site also allows users to generate maps of the exact location of a plot. [Link]

US Civil War Battlesites - Smihsonian Magazine has an interesting article about the geology of US Civil War battlesites and how the local geology affected the outcome of certain battles. [Link]

Rare Roman Millefiori Dish Discovered in East London - An amazing Roman polychrome millefiori dish was recently discovered in East London. This exceptionally rare find contains hundreds of indented glass petals worked into an intricate pattern. The dish was found during an excavation in Prescott Street, Aldgate. It is now on exhibition at the Museum of London Docklands. [Link and photos]

Want a Free Copy of Windows Version 7? - Windows Version 7 is the release name of the Microsoft operating system that will be replacing Vista (that in turn replaced Windows XP, which many people still use). This article from Gizmodo Gadget Blog describes what you need to know about Windows Version 7 and how to get a free version of the operating software ahead of its official release in the Fall of 2009. [Link]

News Corp to Charge for Online News Content - As reported by the Guardian Newspaper, Rupert Murdoch's News Corp (one of the largest newspaper chains in the world) is going to attempt to charge for online news. Personally, we don't think he is going to be very successful (for the reasons we wrote about in Are Newspapers Dying? which also discusses how the evolution of newspapers will affect genealogy). [Link]

Family Builds Minature Models of Ancestors Homes - A family in the UK has chronicled 500 years of their family history by recreating their ancestor's homes in miniature. An interesting side hobby for a genealogist. [Link with photos]

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