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Genealogy This Week - 19 September 2009


Our weekly compilation of interesting new tools, resources and stories for genealogists:

Searching Canadian Genealogy Records - Anyone looking for Canadian genealogy records should consider starting at the That's My Family website. Maintained by the Quebec Archives in collaboration with Library and Archives Canada, this free search tool will look through a variety of government and private databases (both free and paid sites) looking for genealogy information that you specify. This one-stop approach is a much faster and more efficient way to look for Canadian genealogy records than going to a series of individual websites. [Link]

Volunteers Do Make a Difference at FamilySearch.org - FamilySearch.org has quickly become the largest free genealogy database in the world. Read how they managed to grow so quickly. [Link]

Rebuilding Rome in a Day - The University of Washington has created this amazing software program that can reconstruct in 3-D an entire city based solely on scanning hundreds of thousands of digital photographs taken by tourists and pasted on websites like Flickr. See how they reconstructed the Roman Colosseum. [Link]

How the World is Connected by Internet - The BBC has a fascinating interactive graph that shows how the world has become more interconnected by the internet since 1999. Simply slide the scale button at the bottom of the graph to view how the world has changed in the last decade. You can also see how different countries are linked to the internet. For example, most links to Australia and New Zealand go through Hawaii. [Link]

Read Google News by Flipping Pages - This week Google released an experimental new feature for Google News called Fast Flip. Basically, it allows you to view dozens of online newspapers all at one time and flip through them like the pages of a magazine. This is a welcome feature for genealogy and technology news junkies like we are at Genealogy In Time™. [Link]

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