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Positive Aspects of the iPad

Here are the main positive aspects about the iPad:

• The look and design of the iPad is truly amazing and it is a real pleasure to use.

• The user interface is simply stunning and easy to navigate even for someone with limited computing skills.

• The color screen is bold and crisp and can be viewed in either horizontal or vertical orientations (the screen image will switch depending on how the device is held).

• Many genealogy websites such as Genealogy In Time Magazine show up very well on an iPad screen.

• There are already many applications for the iPad (most iPhone applications are being ported over to the iPad), but these applications must be purchase exclusively through the Apple online store.

• The Genealogy Search Engine and the Family Tree Search Engine work very well on the iPad.

• For people who travel, the world time zone map (coupled with the article Tips on How to Travel Light) work well.

• The battery lasts for a good 10+ hours.

• Our collection of free images with a genealogy theme look great as background on the iPad.

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