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Genealogy This Week - 20 March 2010


Our weekly compilation of interesting new tools, resources and stories for genealogists:

Free Irish Records Until Sunday – Here is a way for Genealogy In Time™ readers to save a bit of money. WorldVitalRecords is making their Irish databases free until Sunday March 21st. This somewhat eclectic collection contains select passenger lists, birth, marriage and death records as well as some probate records. [Link]

Members of the UK’s National Trust Can Save 25% on Genealogy Records - Here is another way for Genealogy In Time™ readers to save some money. If you live in the UK and are one of 3.8 million National Trust members then you can save 25% on your subscription to Ancestry. Simply click on the image below to access the Ancestry.co.uk website. Sign up for your 14-day free trial. After the free trial period ends simply identify yourself as a National Trust member (proof is required) and you can save 25% off the regular subscription price to Ancestry. It is that simple.

Banner - Ancestry.com

The Census is Tracking You – The US 2010 Census forms are arriving in the mail this week at some 120 million addresses. The Census Bureau has devised a unique way to track all that mail. Each piece of census mail sent to each address has a unique bar code. This allows the Census Bureau to track in real time where each piece is located in the postal system, when it gets delivered to the homeowner and when the homeowner has returned their forms. Historically, only about two thirds of US residents mail back their census questionnaires. The Census Bureau believes these unique bar codes will help reduce the cost of follow-up from homeowners who do not return their completed forms. Bottom line: homeowners will not be able to say that the form is in the mail because the Census Bureau will know if the form is in the mail.

The Inside History of Facebook – The well-respected business publication Silicon Alley Insider has a fascinating article on how Facebook was allegedly founded. If you are a Facebook user then you should definitely read this article. And we wondered why Facebook has trouble with privacy regulators...[Link]

Fun Facts for St. Patrick’s Day – Here are some fun facts from the US Census Bureau regarding people of Irish ancestry in America:
• 36 million Americans claim Irish ancestry. This is about 12% of the American population.
• Massachusetts has the highest Irish population on a proportionate basis at 24%.
• There are four places in the United States named Shamrock: Mount Gay-Shamrock, West Virginia; Shamrock, Texas; Shamrock Lakes, Indiana and tiny Shamrock, Oklahoma (population 123).
• There are nine places in the US named Dublin.
• Even though 36 million Americans claim Irish ancestry, only 135,000 people living in America today were actually born in Ireland.

Decapitated Vikings Found at London Olympic Site – Pity the poor Vikings. Not only did they have to sail great distances to find suitable villages to plunder, but once they arrived they were not always greeted with open arms. At least that is what happened to 51 Vikings who arrived in England during the Middle Ages. They were rounded up and beheaded by the local Anglo-Saxons close to what would become the London 2012 Olympic site. They were buried in a mass grave, something of a rarity for the times. And in an ironic twist, the mass grave is next to the Olympic sailing site in Weymouth, England. Hopefully the Norse sailors at the 2012 Olympics will get a more welcome reception. [Link]

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