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April 17, 2011 Ottawa, Ontario - GenealogyInTime™ reached a major new milestone this week with the indexing of an additional 200 million more genealogy records on the internet. GenealogyInTime™ now offers the world’s largest free genealogy search engines, covering over 3 billion genealogy records. As well, both search engines are now officially out of beta.

Our search engines span genealogy records from many countries around the globe, including ancestors in the United States, Canada, England, Ireland, Scotland, Australia, New Zealand and Europe.

Search Engine
Number Records
Type of Search
over 1.3 billion
ancestral records
over 1.7 billion
family trees / genealogy forums
over 3.0 billion


In November 2010, GenealogyInTime™ launched the world’s first large-scale free genealogy search engine. Since then, the search engine has gone through several major revisions, upgrades and enhancements. We followed this up in February 2011 with our family tree search engine. Both search engines are now out of beta and into production.

Significance to the Genealogy Community

This major new innovation is a powerful new way for you to search for their ancestors. It works just like Google and other major search engines except it focuses solely on websites containing genealogy data. This provides an efficient and effective means for you to search across hundreds of genealogy websites all at one time.

Our search engines even provide a brief summary of each search result. Known as a snippet, it can help you decide at a glance whether a search result is relevant without having to click through on every link. This can save you considerable time and effort.

Use the GenealogyInTime™ search engines to complement Google searches and searches of subscription websites such as Ancestry.

Try the free genealogy search engine.  Try the free family tree search engine.

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