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What are the Most Popular Internet Browsers?

Given all the claims and counterclaims on the internet, it can be difficult to know what internet browsers are the most popular and what internet browsers people actually use.

In the interest of our readers, we thought we would share the actual numbers from GenealogyInTime Magazine. These numbers are based on the last 35,000 visitors to our website and are current as of January 2012:

Internet Browser Percentage of Users
Internet Explorer 39%
Firefox 30%
Chrome 18%
Safari 10%
Opera 1%
Android 1%
Other 1%
Total 100%

A couple of observations:

• There are four major internet browsers: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Safari.

• Internet Explorer is still the dominant internet browser, although Firefox is also very popular. These two browsers account for about 70% of the market.

• Most websites are optimized for Internet Explorer and Firefox, so they continue to remain the safe bets for surfing the internet.

• There have been recent media reports suggesting that Chrome had overtaken Firefox in popularity. Certainly in the field of genealogy this is not true. Chrome is growing in popularity, but Firefox is still significantly ahead of Chrome.

• Safari has also grown significantly in popularity, mainly due to the increasing use of the iPad.

• If we disaggregate the data further, it shows that almost 10% of the traffic to our website now comes from smart phones and tablets like the iPad.

• The GenealogyInTime Magazine website was actually designed to be used with the iPad (clean look, lots of white space, large print, serif font, etc.). If you get a chance, check out our website with the iPad.

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