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Another function called NameMapper shows the distribution of first names across each American state. First names are not uniformly distributed across the United States. For some names, there are some significant regional differences. This is especially true before the days of radio and television. This can provide indirect clues as to the geographic origin of some ancestors. [Baby Name Wizard]


Recognize Old File Extensions

Have you ever inherited a mystery software file that is potentially full of family tree information? It probably had a file extension you didn’t recognize. And even if you did recognize the file type, you may not have been able to open it. Fortunately, there is a free website that can help. Called OpenWith.org, the website can help you identify old software files. It even provides free software tools to open many of these old software files.

This is not the kind of website that someone would use every day. However, it is the kind of website than can be invaluable when needed. Check it out. [OpenWith.org]


Trace Old Photographs

You have a digital collection of old family photographs. Somebody gave them to you. You are not sure who all the people are in the photographs or even where some of the photographs came from. You wonder if anyone else in the world has the same photograph and if they have been able to decipher them.

Enter TinEye. TinEye is essentially a reverse search engine that specializes in images. What does that mean? Basically, you submit an image to TinEye and it will tell you if there is a copy of that exact same image somewhere on the internet.

At GenealogyInTime Magazine, we have used TinEye for a few years. It is how we check to make sure no one is trying to use one of our 500+ genealogy images for commercial purposes without our authorization. You can either upload an image or enter the http address of an image that you have already posted online.

TinEye can be a fun way to stumble upon distant living relatives. Simply submit some of your images and see if anyone in the world has posted the same image to the internet. It can be a unique way to break through those inevitable genealogy brick walls as it sometimes produces dramatic results. [TinEye]

Know of any interesting and unique websites that ours readers might enjoy? Send us an email at letusknow@genealogyintime.com We will compile the suggestions into a future article. Please limit your suggestions to non-genealogy websites.

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