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New Entrants

About 20% of the websites on the Top 100 List are new entrants this year. Most of these websites are only "new" to the list. Several have been in existence for a number of years. Below are the top ten new entrants to the list.

Top 10 New Genealogy Websites for 2013
Rank Website Category Country Type Address
18 MyHeritage.no family tree Norway pay http://www.myheritage.no/
23 Genealogie.com family tree France pay http://www.genealogie.com/
27 Deutschen Genealogieserver forum Germany free http://genealogienetz.de
28 Genealogy.About.com articles USA free http://genealogy.about.com/
32 JTA Jewish News Archive newspapers USA free http://archive.jta.org/
33 Katagogi forum USA free http://www.katagogi.com/
37 MyHeritage.es family tree Spain pay http://www.myheritage.es/
40 MyHeritage.de family tree Germany pay http://www.myheritage.de/
49 MyHeritage.fr family tree France pay http://www.myheritage.fr/
61 MyHeritage.nl family tree Netherlands pay http://www.myheritage.nl/


Rising Genealogy Stars

Finally, we want to mention some rising genealogy stars. These are genealogy websites that made significant movement up the Top 100 List over the past year, as shown in the table below.

Top 10 Rising Genealogy Stars for 2013
Rank Website Type Change Address
38 American Ancestors pay +32 http://www.americanancestors.org/
54 We Relate free +31 http://www.werelate.org/
73 Automated Genealogy free +25 http://www.automatedgenealogy.com/
53 ScotlandsPeople pay +22 http://www.scotlandspeople.gov.uk/
25 Mocavo pay +20 http://www.mocavo.com/
15 Ancient Faces free +17 http://www.ancientfaces.com/
45 Fulton History free +16 http://fultonhistory.com/
12 Arkivverket Digitalarkivet free +14 http://arkivverket.no/eng/content/view/full/629
11 Genealogy Bank pay +10 http://www.genealogybank.com/gbnk/
80 Genea-Musings free +10 http://www.geneamusings.com/


These are certainly genealogy websites to watch in 2013. And they most definitely represent a very diverse group of interests. American Ancestors is one of only three genealogy societies that made the Top 100 List and yet they had the biggest jump on the list. Similarly, WeRelate is the only English-only genealogy wiki on the list. Automated Genealogy is also a unique and excellent website as it specializes in Canadian census records. It is a must-stop for anyone tracing Canadian ancestors.

And finally, we can’t help mention that Ancient Faces is also a great (and somewhat unique) website for anyone that wants to share vintage genealogy photographs. Even though a couple of other websites had larger moves on the Top 100 List, Ancient Faces probably had the largest absolute increase in internet traffic of any genealogy website.


Final Thoughts

Congratulations to all the websites that made the Top 100 List for 2013. The bar has been raised this year to make in onto the list. Genealogy clearly continues to grow and evolve on the internet. Certainly, the ability to find ancestral records and build family trees online gets easier with each passing year. It will be interesting to see what new trends emerge over the next 12 months.


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Addendum: It looks like we missed myheritage.se It would have ranked #54 on the Top 100 List.

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