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Below is a list of genealogy latin terms.

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Latin Phrase
English Meaning
e contrario
from a contrary position
ea est fiducia gentis
such is the loyalty of this people
editio princes
first printed edition
Eduardus Rex
King Edward
ego et rex meus
I and my king
ejustdem die
of the same day
Elizabeth Regina
Queen Elizabeth
discharged from service, honorable title
eodem anno
in the same year
eodem die
on the same day
eodem mense
in the same month
e pluribus unum
from many, one (motto of the USA)
e re nata
as circumstances dictate
ense et aratro
with sword and plow
eo tempore
at this time
errare humanum est
to err is human
erratum (errata)
error (errors) in a book
et allii or et aliae or et alia or et al.
and others
et ceterae
and so forth
et sequens
et seq.
and the following
et sequential
et seqq.
and those that follow
et sic de ceteris
and so to of the rest
et uxor
et ux.
and wife
out of, from within
ex ante
before the event, beforehand
ex cathedra
with authority
higher, ever upward
exception probat regulam
the exception proves the rule
exempli gratia
for example
ex gratia
given as a favour
ex hypothesi
from the hypothesis
ex libris
from the library of
ex officio
by right of office
ex parentibus legitimo matrimonio junctis
from the parents of a legitimate marriage
ex post (facto)
after the fact
ex proprio motu