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We have made several significant enhancements / upgrades to the Genealogy Search Engine to make it even more powerful. Here are the highlights:

• Over 400 million more records from around the world are now available for search.

• Records from the US Social Security Death Index (up to the year 2011) are now incorporated into the search engine. You can search by either name or social security number.

• All the online newspaper records covered by various specialized newspaper search engines (such as Elephind) are now also covered by the Genealogy Search Engine.

• We have indexed our first large historic German newspaper collection.

• Some Dublin, Ireland electoral rolls have been indexed.

• Several websites specializing in Acadian genealogy records have been indexed.

• We have indexed records from many different genealogy societies around the world.

• We continue to index cemetery records found on local cemetery websites from many different countries.

• We have improved the search results from archive.org, a key website for many types of historic records (such as old city directories).

If you type genealogy search engine into Google, we come up first. There is a reason for that. You won’t find a more powerful free ancestral search engine anywhere else.

At GenealogyInTime Magazine, we have a passion for genealogy and a determination to make it better. Discover your ancestors for free. Genealogy Search Engine.

Posted November 2014

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