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At GenealogyInTime Magazine, we have a passion for genealogy and a determination to make it better. Our mission is to find new and innovative ways to help people find their ancestors. We reached a major milestone this week in that objective. Our two free genealogy search engines now index over 6 billion free genealogy records from around the world. Both search engines also continue to grow in popularity, getting over 50,000 queries a month.

We recently indexed an additional 300 million ancestral records. Some highlights include:

• Over 100 million more records have been indexed from Australia’s Trove system.

• Several large digital collections have been added from various universities in the United States.

• An additional 4 million more Irish ancestral records have been indexed. This brings the total number of free Irish genealogy records to about 29 million.

• New records have been added from every major genealogy country.

• The first ancestral record collection from the former Yugoslavia has now been indexed.

GenealogyInTime Magazine has two free genealogy search engines:

• Use the Genealogy Search Engine to find free ancestral records. It searches 2.2 billion ancestral records found on over 1,000 different websites from North America, Europe, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and other parts of the world.

• Use the Family Tree Search Engine to search online family trees and genealogy forums to see if anyone else is talking about your family. It covers over 3.8 billion records.

We are happy to have reached such an important milestone with our two powerful genealogy search engines. With the ongoing support of our readers, we hope to continue to provide additional tools and resources to help people find their ancestors for free.

Published January 2013