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2. The Biggest Genealogy Company Lists on the Stock Exchange – Ancestry.com (formerly know as The Generations Network) dominates the genealogy marketplace through their Ancestry databases, various genealogy magazines, Cyndi’s List and a myriad of other web sites and ventures. Now they have become a publicly listed company. The interesting aspect about this for genealogists is that public companies have to provide copious amounts of information to investors about their businesses and their industry, which in this case is genealogy. We went through all this information and added our own thoughts on the genealogy industry. We summarized everything in our weekly column Genealogy This Week, which discusses the past and future of genealogy. When combined with our article Why Are Newspapers Dying?, it can give you a good understanding of how genealogy is evolving.

And the number one genealogy news story of the year….

1. We Now Know How Much We Don’t Know About Our Ancestors – One of the great frustrations about genealogy is that even after spending years researching your ancestors you can still get the feeling that you don’t really know all that much about them. Well, you might be interested in finding out that this problem also occurs well beyond the family level. As the two articles First Native Americans Arrived in Two Separate Migrations and Native Americans Have a Common Ancestry demonstrates, we still do not have definitive answers to some of the really big genealogy questions. So, the next time you feel frustrated in your genealogy searches, take heart. You are in good company!


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