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Genealogy This Week - 25 July 2009


Our weekly compilation of interesting new tools, resources and stories for genealogists:

Tough Move to Microsoft Version 7 - Microsoft is about to release a new operating system called Version 7. We have talked about this before. It is meant to replace the Vista operating system, which was not that popular because many people stayed with Windows XP instead of upgrading to Vista. Now, this article in the Wall Street Journal highlights that it may be difficult for people who are still running XP to upgrade their system to the new Version 7, which is coming out this Fall. [Link]

Directory of US Genealogical Libraries - This site offers a comprehensive list of genealogical libraries in the United States. The list is sorted by state. [Link]

Using Cemeteries to Track Global Climate Change - Genealogists tend to spend time in cemeteries so this story may appeal to some. Researchers from the Geological Society of Australia are looking for volunteers to help track global climate change by measuring the impact of pollution on gravestones. The beauty of gravestones is that the date of death stamped on the gravestone tells researchers the exact date when the gravestone was placed outside and thus when the impact of pollution began. This is a call for volunteers to help the researchers track global climate change using gravestones. [Link]

How Quickly Things Change - Wired Magazine has a list of 100 mainly electronic items that your (grand)children may never know because they are already out of date. Included in the list are such items as Super-8 movies, 8-track cartridges and rotary dial phones. Just reading through the list is a reminder how quickly things become obsolete in our modern world. [Link]

Oldest UK Television - The BBC has a story about the oldest UK television with a photo of the television. Oddly enough, the television looks rather futuristic. [Link]

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