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Genealogy News - March 2009

Below are genealogy news stories from March 2009. Click on the links for the full articles.

Waterford Wedgwood Emerges from Bankruptcy - Waterford Wedgwood, the celebrated crystal and ceramic tableware maker, has emerged from bankruptcy with a new lease on life and a radically different approach to business...[More]

First European Explorers to America May Have Included Africans - History books suggest the first Africans arrived in the Americas with the slave trade, which began soon after the Virginia Colony was founded in 1607. However, a new study suggests the first Africans may have arrived in the New World over one hundred years earlier than previously thought...[More]

Did Cleopatra Have African Ancestry? - Cleopatra (69 BC - 30 BC) was the last Pharaoh of Ancient Egypt. She is perhaps best remembered for her looks and her personality, as well as her liaisons with both Julius Caesar and Mark Anthony...[More]

Why Immigrants Change Their Name - A common problem in genealogy is tracing people who have changed their name. This occurs most often when someone immigrates to another country...[More]

Cemetery Theft on the Decline - Grave robbers have been a constant curse of burial grounds for centuries. As attested by warnings against grave robbers on the walls of ancient Egyptian pyramids, stealing from the dead is a practice as old as civilization itself...[More]

DNA Confirms Remains of Russian Royal Family - Genealogists have always been fascinated with the bloodlines of royal families. Perhaps none is more fascinating than the House of Romanov that ruled Russia until Czar Nicholas II abdicated in 1917...[More]

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