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14. Use Free Online Productivity Tools – Want some great free online productivity tools? Everything from how to decipher partial names in an old document to tracing old photographs online. Check out the article Five Great Productivity Tools for Genealogy.

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The article Five Great Productivity Tools for Genealogy will show you how to search multiple social network sites at once for a living relative.


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Even More Productivity Tips

Here are some other general tips for improving your genealogy productivity:

• To help stay focused, make a To Do List.

• Do the most difficult tasks first thing in the morning when you are freshest.

• Take a break. Stepping away from a problem can sometimes be the best approach.

• Preset a time limit for each task so you don’t suck up all your time chasing dead ends.

• Keep a notebook and pen with you for when inspiration strikes.

• Write a blog to chronicle your genealogy adventures.

• Don’t try to do complicated research when you are tired. This especially applies when you travel long distances. Make sure you are well rested before your go and well rested when you arrive (see Tips on How to Travel Light).

• Control the chaos. Keep organized.

• Record all your sources. Your memory is not perfect. Recording your sources will mean you won’t have to retrace your own steps at a later date. It will also help others who look at your results.

• Recognize when you need help.

• Don’t try to research too many people at once. Focus your efforts.

• Remember the general rule that the farther back in time you go, the more effort it takes to research each ancestor.

• Recognize and celebrate your major milestones.

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