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Searching Online Family Trees

There are essentially two main categories of online genealogy information: source records (such as birth, marriage and death records) and constructs of source records (such as family trees and message boards). Although both kinds of information are important, they serve very different functions. As a result, we thought it necessary to independently and separately search both categories.

In particular, a separate family tree search provides the following advantages:

• It enables a focus on family trees as well as message board posts from people looking for more information about a specific ancestor.

• It facilitates connections with distant relatives who have researched the same ancestor.

• It allows checking and cross comparison between family trees.

The new Family Tree Search Engine is a simple and convenient tool for checking multiple websites at the same time. It is designed to work in conjunction with our existing Genealogy Search Engine. Use the genealogy search engine to look up ancestral records. Use the family tree search engine to look up family trees and message board posts. Both search engines have the same easy-to-use interface. Simply enter the name of your ancestor to get started.

At GenealogyInTime Magazine, we have a passion for genealogy and a determination to make it better. We are always striving to help people better connect with their ancestors. We hope you find this search engine useful.

Try the Family Tree Search Engine now

Some Technical Background

There are many websites on the internet that contain family trees. Some online family trees are very good, while others have information of a questionable pedigree. We have chosen to focus on what we believe are the largest and best family tree websites. These websites represent the majority of online family trees.

Below is a list of just some of the websites currently covered by the Family Tree Search Engine (in no particular order):

Cousin Connect
Dead Fred
Tribal Pages
Family Search family trees
FamilyHistory UK

We have also included the most popular genealogy forums:

Rootsweb World Connect
Ancestry boards
Familytreemaker forums
Looking 4 Kin

A gentle warning about online family trees. The sites above are free to access (an important consideration). Some may charge to see the entire family tree. As well, please be aware that some family tree information originally posted on Rootsweb may have migrated to some pay-per-view websites.

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