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August 2008

Below are genealogy news stories from August 2008. Click on the links for the full articles.

A 3,000 Year Old Family Tree - Most genealogist are happy if they can accurately trace their family tree back 150 years, or about 5 generations...[more]

A Diamond is Forever and So Are Your Ancestors - Diamonds are common heirlooms that are often passed down from generation to generation because of their sentimental and economic value...[more]

A Really Old Joke - Academics at Wolverhampton University have found what they believe to be Britain’s oldest joke...[more]

California Licensing Genetic Testing - California has become the first jurisdiction in the world to require companies to be formally licensed before they can offer genetic testing directly to consumers...[more]

Even at the Olympics, It is Hard to Tell Someone’s Nationality - There seems to be a new sport at the Olympics that any genealogist would readily appreciate...[more]

Genealogist Helps Solve Mystery of 60-Year Old Plane Crash - It had all the makings of a Hollywood movie script: a plane rumored to be loaded with gold, a crash in the wilds of Alaska, a mummy and a mystery that took 60 years to solve...[more]

History of Neanderthals Revealed with DNA Sequence - The first complete genome of a Neanderthal has been sequenced from a 38,000 year old Neanderthal bone...[more]

How to Change Your Family History with Photos - Tracing your family history through old photos is about to get much more difficult for future generations...[more]

Human Genes Used to Map European Origin - Many people have a European background, although most people do not know exactly where in a particular country their ancestors originate...[more]

Minorities to Become the Majority in a Generation - A generation is not a long period of time from a genealogist’s point of view...[more]

UK Considers Scrapping the Census - Throughout the ages and across all nations, one universal truth about a government census becomes evident: they are difficult, time-consuming and expensive to do...[more]

UK Government Digitization Program Suffers Indefinite Delay - Perhaps the biggest trend in genealogy over the last decade has been governments putting online census records as well as vital birth, death and marriage records...[more]

US Government Detects Immigration Fraud with DNA Testing - Governments have long used medical tests on immigrants to screen out potentially unwanted applicants...[more]

US Immigration Service Considers Genealogy Program - The United States is a country that was built by immigrants...[more]