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We distinguish between genealogy websites and websites that may contain ancestral records. The two are not the same. The Top 100 List is based on websites specifically devoted to genealogy and genealogy audiences. Other websites such as Chronicling America or Australia’s Trove (and most other national archive websites) contain ancestral records in addition to many other things. These websites serve multiple audiences (historians, archivists, hobbyists, etc.) and not just genealogists.

Ancestry continues to dominate the top position in our ranking once again this year. However, there were several new rising stars and many new entrants on the list. Not surprisingly, the most popular category remains ancestral records. Subscription websites continue to dominate over free genealogy websites. Finally, Ancestry continues to consolidate its grip on the entire genealogy industry.

The cut-off for making the Top 100 List this year was a maximum Alexa ranking of 304,655.


The Top Ten

There are some interesting changes to the top ten list this year. There is one new addition and a reordering of some of the rankings, as shown in the table below.

top 10 genealogy websites in 2014
We have included the number of daily website visitors to the top ten genealogy websites to give an idea of the volume of traffic to the larger websites.

Ancestry.com continues to dominate in the top position. As shown in the table above, it gets considerably more traffic than any other genealogy website. In fact, it gets more than three times the traffic of any other genealogy website.

Find A Grave has moved up one spot into second position. The number of records on the Find A Grave website has grown rapidly in the last two years, as shown in the diagram below.

growth of Find A Grave
The number of records held on the website Find A Grave has grown rapidly over the last two years. Ancestry purchased Find A Grave in late 2013. (Source: Archives.com, FindAGrave.com)

FamilySearch.org has moved from fourth place into third place this year. It has also significantly increased the number of ancestral records over the past year.


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