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The third rising genealogy star to look out for is John Reid’s popular blog Canada’s Anglo-Celtic Connections.

Next at number four is Genealogie Online, a popular family tree website from the Netherlands.

Roots Ireland, Ireland’s largest family records database comes in at number five. Interest in Irish genealogy continues to grow every year.

Steve Morris is at number six. Steve Morris is a free website full of great tools and resources designed to make it easier for people to track down their ancestors.

At number seven is Roots Chat, which as we mentioned before is the largest free family history forum in the UK.

Number eight is The Genealogist, a popular UK website full of unique ancestral records.

Number nine is the Commonwealth War Graves Commission, an indispensible website dedicated to providing information on the 1.7 million Commonwealth soldiers who died during the two world wars.

Finally, at number ten is Mundia, an Ancestry website dedicated to family trees.

Congratulations to all the rising genealogy stars of 2014.


Free Versus Pay

In the Top 100 List, there are 55 pay websites and 45 free websites. This is about the same as last year. However, the ratio is not quite the same when looking at the list by website visits. When we did this detailed calculation, we found pay websites get 63% of the genealogy traffic, versus 37% for free websites.

Looking for a search engine dedicated to finding free online ancestral records? The Genealogy Search Engine searches 3.2 billion free ancestral records found on over 1,000 different websites. It is extremely popular with genealogists, getting over 1 million queries a year.


The Growth of Corporate Genealogy

There are three main corporations in the genealogy industry: Ancestry; MyHeritage and brightsolid, which most people know as FindMyPast. As shown in the diagram below, they tend to dominate the top 50 genealogy websites.

corporate genealogy 2014
This color coded table shows the top 50 genealogy websites. The websites highlighted in red are owned by Ancestry, those highlighted in blue are owned by MyHeritage, while the green highlighted websites are owned by brightsolid (FindMyPast).


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