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New Additions to the Top 100 List

The table below shows the new additions this year to the Top 100 List.

top 100 new additions
This year there is a wide assortment of new genealogy websites in the Top 100 List.

A couple of point:

• Two more Australian websites made the list this year: FindMyPast Australia (at #57) and the Western Australian Genealogical Society (at #71).

• There were three societies that made the list this year for the first time. They are from Australia (Western Australian Genealogical Society, already mentioned), Poland (Polskie Towarzystwo Genealogiczne) and Finland (The Genealogical Society of Finland).

• There were also two new blogs in the list: The Legal Genealogist (at #86) and Irish Genealogy News (at #99). Both are excellent and well worth checking out.

• Finally, we would like to point out Historic MapWorks (at #93), which has a large collection of map records.


The Big Three

The field of genealogy is dominated by three large firms: Ancestry, MyHeritage and brightsolid (better known as FindMyPast). The table below shows the top 50 genealogy websites. All the websites highlighted in color are owned by one of these large firms.

top 50 corporate websites

This color-coded table shows the top 50 genealogy websites. The websites highlighted in orange are owned by Ancestry, those in blue are owned by MyHeritage and those in green are owned by brightsolid. In fact, of the top 13 genealogy websites, only 2 are now independent.

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