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Major Takeaways This Year

In conclusion, here are some of the major takeaways this year.

• Genealogy grew at a healthy 4.4% rate overall in the past year. There is evidence to suggest that genealogy growth was particularly strong in Australia.

• In the last year, genealogy has become more of a global phenomenon. More websites in the Top 100 List come from France, Germany, Norway, Spain, Netherlands, Portugal, Sweden, Italy, Brazil and Finland. This is in addition to the traditionally strong genealogy countries of the US, the UK, Canada, Ireland and Australia. New Zealand is also a strong genealogy country, but we have yet to see a New Zealand genealogy website crack the Top 100.

• The lions share of internet traffic continues to go to the Top Ten websites. These websites specialize in either ancestral records or family trees.

• There are still several significant free genealogy websites, but there are fewer of them with each passing year. The free genealogy websites tend to be much more diverse than subscription websites, which focus more on records, family trees and services such as DNA analysis.

• As the genealogy industry matures, it is becoming more dominated by large firms. Ancestry, MyHeritage and brightsolid combined now control 51% of the genealogy marketplace.

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Hopefully, our tour of genealogy has exposed you to some new and interesting websites. We also hope you have gained a deeper understanding of the genealogy marketplace. Good luck with your research.

Further Resources

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Use the Family Tree Search Engine to see if anyone else has built a family tree of your ancestors.

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Discover The Key to Understanding Family Relationships.

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The website Crestleaf has put together an infographic highlighting in graphical format the key outcomes of the Top 100 List.

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Addendum: Somehow our database merged information from the two different Gould Genealogy websites. The Gould Genealogy that you see in the Top 100 List at #87 is their free blog (www.gouldgenealogy.com). They also have another website (www.gould.com.au) that provides services. It would have ranked #68 on the list.



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