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We performed a series of detailed traffic calculations on our database of genealogy websites to determine what percentage of the marketplace was controlled by each firm.

The results showed that Ancestry controls about 35% of the entire genealogy marketplace, followed by MyHeritage at 10% and brightsolid (FindMyPast) at 6%.

Combined, the three firms control some 51% of the genealogy marketplace. This is an increase from last year, where our estimates were 32%, 8% and 4% respectively for a combined total of 44%.

The table below shows all the genealogy websites in the Top 100 List that are owned by one of the big three firms.

top 100 corporate websites 2015
These are all the websites in the Top 100 List that are controlled by either Ancestry, MyHeritage or brightsolid. Although it is not evident from the above list, MyHeritage began a transition in 2014 into ancestral records in addition to family trees.


Growth of Genealogy

The table below shows the growth of genealogy over the past year.

growth of genealogy 2015
This table shows how genealogy has grown over the past year. It breaks out the growth into three categories: the top ten websites, the top 100 websites and all genealogy websites.

A couple of things to note:

• Genealogy has grown about 4.4% overall in the past year.

• The Top Ten websites grew about 4.1%. They get about 42% of all internet traffic to genealogy websites, roughly the same as last year. As we mentioned earlier, Ancestry.com alone accounts for about 15% of traffic to all genealogy websites.

• The next 90 websites in the Top 100 List grew at a slower pace of just 2.7%. These 90 websites also get about 42% of all the internet traffic to genealogy websites.

• The biggest percentage growth came from smaller websites beyond the Top 100 List, which grew about 12.5% over the past year. These websites, however only get about 15% of all the internet traffic to genealogy websites.

genealogy internet traffic
We showed this image three years ago to demonstrate how much Ancestry.com dominates the genealogy space and how the Top Ten websites combined get such a large chunk of all genealogy traffic. At the time, MyHeritage.com was the #2 genealogy website.

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