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Ancestry.com continues to dominate the genealogy industry. With the purchase of Find A Grave, Ancestry.com now directly controls 11 of the top 50 genealogy websites, as shown in the table below.

corporate concentration in genealogy
The websites highlighted in red are owned by Ancestry (with MyHeritage in blue and brightsolid in green). Find A Grave is the number 3 website, which is now also owned by Ancestry.com. From Top 100 Genealogy Websites for 2013.

Ancestry.com continues to expand by organic growth and acquisition. In addition to Find A Grave, examples of recent purchases in the last two years include Fold3.com and Archives.com. Both website were independent prior to being purchased by Ancestry.com.

Sometimes Ancestry.com incorporates independent corporate websites into their main website. Rootsweb is an example that at one time was run as a separate website. It was folded into the Ancestry.com website about two years ago.

Below are some quick statistics on Ancestry.com

Ancestry.com facts

Here is the link to the official press release announcing the acquisition of Find A Grave.

Published October 2013

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